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11225260_1176533265697256_5272897295752267249_nYATIA videographer will be with you, the entire wedding capturing every moment.

From the first moment you stare at yourself in disbelieve when you putting on the nikah dress, the tears of joy after the akad-nikah, the hugs and kisses from the loves one , congratulating you , and to the last moment of the event , the cake cutting …

affectionately feeding each other the cupcakes you order.

You do not need all that in video, do you?


Imagine in video, the smiles and the cheers from relatives and friends.

The awesome laughter during “usik-mengusik” of the “hadang moment” especially

the bridesmaid “pagar”. You do not need that, do you?


Btw what does the videographer really do?

After your walimah event is over,

He will begin viewing the footage captured and creatively..

Producing  a 10hrs raw footage to a 1 or 2 hours love story, your love story.

You do not need that, do you?


If you think , that is what videographer does, you are 100% correct.

Getting the precious moment, preserving the milestone of your life event –

LIVE IN VIDEO, the actual sight and sound.

Really you do not need a videographer BUT,

You will wish you had invested in wedding videographer.

This might not seem valuable now, but Years after your wedding,

It will be nice if you had all in videos and

Show it to your children, grandchildren or even a movie you both will sit down together , revisit the joyful moments every now and then..


Well, getting the most awesome décor, the best make-up artist,

The super nice pelamin , wedding cakes, the most awesome DJ and all of others are important part of wedding event but it will last ONLY till your event on that day.

On the other hand, a wedding video will capture all that and preserved all that too!


So do you need a wedding videographer?

The answer is still NO .

A wedding video is an investment. An investment in your future memories.

You do not need it for your wedding,

BUT, you will wish you had one , years from now.

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